Get Your Own Type 360, Leader Agility 360, or Combined Report

Begin the process to set up the administration of either Type 360, Leader Agility 360, or combined report by sending an email to or call (336) 774-0330. The administration fee for is $45 and will result in three possible reports: Type 360, LeaderAgility 360 and a Combined Report as you choose.

We strongly encourage purchasing three developmental guides: YOU: Being More Effective In Your MBTI® Type, I'm Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You, or FYI: For Your Improvement. We can arrange the purchase of these resources at a discount by emailing us at

Get the most from this experience by having a boss, superior, and at least three peers, three direct reports, and three "others" as part of your rating group. You can have more than just a boss and more than three peers, direct reports or others. Allow at least two weeks for all of your raters to complete the report. We will give you supporting materials for contacting raters and enhancing this experience for them and you.

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Download a Sample Type 360 Report (PDF file)

Download a Sample Leader Agility 360 Report (PDF file)

Download a Sample Combined Report (PDF file)

Read a Technical Overview of Type 360® and Leader Agility 360™ (Introduction, History, Item Development, Scales, Reliability & Validity)