Privacy Policy

Type 360 and Leadership Performance Systems' goal is to improve the quality of leadership in organizations through research, education, and the dissemination of knowledge. As part of this effort, we sometimes gather research data on both organizations and individuals. These data are then analyzed and the results are used by Leadership Performance Systems and published in summary form in reports designed for wide circulation. By providing personal data to Leadership Performance Systems, you agree that we may use that data to deliver the requested service and to communicate information to you regarding Leadership Performance Systems-related programs, products and services in which you may be interested.

We have a strong commitment to protect the rights, privacy, and dignity of every person who participates in these activities. For this reason we have a number of safeguards:

  1. Leadership Performance Systems is guided by the American Psychological Association's code of ethics regarding the use of an individual's personal data for research; this code is particularly concerned with protecting the rights of the person.
  2. Assessment data collected about or from an individual as part of a leadership development activity are shared with and explained to that person.
  3. Information we collect about or from an individual is considered confidential. Individuals receive feedback on assessments only from qualified feedback coaches.
  4. Although Leadership Performance Systems has never been required to release information without an individual's permission (or the permission of an authorized legal representative such as an executor, executrix, or the holder of a valid power of attorney), we acknowledge that in the extremely rare case of a court order, we might be compelled to do so.
  5. Data collected from surveys published by Leadership Performance Systems are stored in its database. They become a part of the norm group, containing thousands of scores, against which individual scores are calibrated. Periodically, we publish data on groups of people. Individuals are never identified in these reports. Specific organizations are identified only if we receive prior written approval from the organization. We also may provide to an organization summary profiles on groups of individuals in that organization if the number of individuals is large enough to be potentially meaningful.
  6. From time to time, Leadership Performance Systems makes use of the personal contact information we collect to keep our constituents aware of news related to Leadership Performance Systems programs, products and services. People that we contact are provided with a means of informing Leadership Performance Systems that they would not like to receive such information.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Commitment, or wish to correct or remove any personal data from our database, please feel free to contact us via phone (336) 774-0330 or email