About Our 360 Assessment Suite

Removing blind spots requires knowing how others' perceive and react to your behavior. Ninety percent of 360 tools ask raters to identify frequency of behavior, fifty percent ask for ratings of effectiveness, and thirty percent ask how important the behaviors are to success.

Our 360 assessment is the only tool that ask raters to identify all three — frequency, effectiveness, and importance. All doubt is removed regarding what is important to address in your development.

The same sixty four questions can provide individuals with three reports: Type 360, Leader Agility 360, and a Combination Report that links personality type and leader dimensions in one report.

Type 360Leader Agility 360


Type 360® is based on personality type patterns that reflect the use of eight mental resources. Your customers can learn how they are perceived and how others want them to flex to be more effective

Leader behavior matters. How leaders learn, adapt, communicate, make decisions, build relationships, and manage change are just some of the aspects of this tool. With Leader Agility 360™, your customer can learn both how they are perceived and what others want them to focus on to be more effective.


  • Cost effective: saves time and valuable resources—there are no “middle men” as you administer the instrument to your clients
  • Quality: based on 30 years of research linking personality to leader behavior for a customer focused report
  • Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of personality and you can print your reports immediately—information that is to the point and immediate access
  • Cost effective: every step of administration, monitoring, and scoring your client reports is designed to save you time and effort
  • Quality: Research studies confirm 8 leader dimensions that are essential in any leadership role, any economic sector, and across cultural variations
  • Efficient: 64 questions measure 8 dimensions of leadership and you can print your reports immediately—your client gets information that is to the point and with immediate access to his or her report

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Sample Report

Combined Report

Download a Sample Combined Report (PDF file)

Technical Report

Download a Type 360 / Leader Agility Technical Report (PDF file)

Technical Overview

Read a Technical Overview of Type 360® and Leader Agility 360™ (Introduction, History, Item Development, Scales, Reliability & Validity)


$45 Per Administration

The TEAMOSITY™ Application and Type 360 go hand in hand. Each magnifies the benefits of the other development tool.